At Breathe Spa, we offer body treatments that will boost your massage and add additional benefits to the way you look and feel. Massage therapy alone will help to improve the look of your skin and the function of your body. However, our body treatment options will take your self-care to another level.  All of our treatment products are made by Make Scents.

If you want your massage to feel like a luxurious trip to the spa, one of our body treatment services is exactly what you need.

Body Treatments We Offer:

Peppermint Chocolate Twist – 75 minutes

The stimulating effects of our peppermint scrub increase blood circulation, giving the skin a luminous, healthy glow. We use Makes Scents chocolate wrap for this treatment, which is made with real organic cacao powder, containing flavonoids with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Bliss – 75 minutes

This treatment helps fight dry, flaky skin brought on by the cold winter air. This treatment includes a stimulating coconut body scrub, full body coconut oil massage, and finishes with a revitalizing hot oil scalp treatment.

Cranberry Delight – 75 minutes

With the anti-aging properties contained in cranberries, such as vitamins A and C, your skin will be revitalized. This treatment is perfect for brightening and firming the skin. The Aloe Vera wrap we use has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, healing, and hydrating properties to help repair damaged skin. Aloe Vera also contains a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B, niacin, and traces of vitamin B12, all of which nourish environmentally stressed skin.

Book your preferred body treatment now to experience the added benefits of these luxurious services.